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Plastic Surgeon Bucharest (Romania)

Dr. Levy is an experienced and world-renowned plastic surgeon from Romania (Bucharest), founder of 3 exclusive clinics of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery and body treatments, in Bucharest – Timisoara and Israel. Doctor Levy is recommended by patients as an excellent plastic surgeon & aesthetician and is an expert in simple or complex aesthetic operations: Breast Implants, Facial Lifting, VASER PRO 4K 360 Liposuction, Blepharoplasty, Mastopexy, Otoplasty, etc.


He refined his education in medical aesthetics, under the guidance of the best plastic doctors from Israel, Europe, Columbia and Romania, and currently he also deals with the formation and training of new generations of plastic surgeons at an international level.


„You have emotions during any surgical intervention. You try to keep calm and not get affected, because you have to act perfectly. It is valid for anyone and for any profession. You are not immune to anything. You work with people and you have no way to remove emotions, thoughts, fear. Everything is mixed, but you must see the destination and not the road. Romanian patients need doctors with emotions. I want to be one of them. Because that makes me better for them and for me!”


„Don’t be afraid of perfection because you will never achieve it!”
Salvador Dali

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Are you looking for a plastic & aesthetic surgeon in Bucharest?

All patients operated by Dr. Levy in Bucharest or Timisoara, are extremely satisfied with the results and are impressed by the care that Dr. Levy gives them after each surgery.


Regardless of how important the cosmetic surgery was, Dr. Levy contacts all patients by phone, during the recovery period and offers them 24/24 support, to ensure that they recover 100% both physically and mentally.

The cosmetic surgeries in the top of our clinic’s patients’ preferences are:

– Mini face lift;
– Blepharoplasty;
VASER PRO 4K Liposuction;
– Bichectomy;
– B-Lite Silicone Breast Implant Augmentation;
– Abdominoplasty;
– Eyebrow Lift (Fox Eyes);
– Circumcision (phimosis // balanitis);


Cosmetic surgeries change lives

Most of the time, cosmetic surgeries change lives. There are people who enter through the door of the clinic with a physical appearance and then leave completely different. How nice it is to fulfill your dreams, right? To lose weight „in a few hours” through a liposuction procedure, or to get a superb appearance of the chest, through a Breast Augmentation procedure. One thing we can say for sure: dreams come true, especially at the Dr. Levy Medical Center Clinic. We have the most modern plastic surgery technology, and Dr. Levy is an experienced and world-renowned plastic surgeon.

Do you want more details? Contact us now and we will be happy to answer to all your questions!


volunteer in the army of the State of Israel

Dr Levy Cel Mai Bun Chirurg Estetician din Romania
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chirurg plastician medic voluntar in armata
chirurg plastician medic voluntar in armata
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chirurg plastician voluntar armata

In the summer of 2020, I was a VOLUNTEER in the army of the State of Israel, and I trained professional soldiers to give first aid in case of chemical attacks or in other situations on the battlefield. I was honored to be invited and participate as a volunteer in this special mission!


an extraordinary experience

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chirurg plastician romania
voluntariat in africa
plastic surgeon in africa
doctor levy chirurg plastician
cel mai bun medic estetician
chirurg plastician voluntariat

I always liked the top challenges and I didn’t refuse them. I went to Sierra Leone, a poor country in Africa, marked by poverty, corruption and civil war, together with an international medical team of plastic surgeons.


Most of our patients were child soldiers, with poor hygiene, wounds left by armed conflicts, tumors or malformations. I did plastic and reconstructive surgery for them. Basically, I was bringing them back to life. They could have a life again. It was not easy! Any medical intervention is difficult, but when your operating room is a tent and a table, when you lack antibiotics, it seems almost impossible to treat someone. Well, we did it!


I told you how important it is for a doctor to feel emotion, so I want to share something else. What impressed me the most in Sierra Leone was the moment when I had to amputate both legs of a 10-year-old girl. But there I also saw the happiest children and understood how powerful a patient’s smile is.


That’s what I want too, for every patient to leave me with a smile on their face. I prepared for you and without you I cannot exist as a doctor. Every patient is important to me, whether they come for liposuction, a facelift or a breast reconstruction.”

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Clinica operatii estetice bucuresti
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Dr. Levy is recommended by former patients as a special plastic surgeon & esthetician, due to the fact that he performs innovative and complex aesthetic operations. He participated in special medical missions in Africa and Israel and is involved in impressive surgical activities in Romania. Dr. Levy is a member of ISAPS & ASPS and regularly participates in international plastic surgery conferences.

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